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Premium Greek Hotels
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Haritou Travel Group развивает свою деятельность в гостиничном бизнесе, управляя двумя отелями: одним - на материке, а другим - на Кикладских островах:

гостиница ANEMOLIA у подножья легендарных Дельф ( и гостиница Holiday Sun на острове Парос / Киклады/, ( ).

Description The Holiday Sun is located in the charming area of Punda, Paros. It consists of rooms designed to offer guests comfort and high quality services. It is an ideal choice for families and couples...
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Description In the most beautiful part of the cosmopolitan Arachova, with spectacular views of the peaks of Parnassus and the valley of Delphi Anemolia an ideal base for excursions to nature, travel tours, archaeological searches...
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